Goblin Slayer 2 PVC Statue 1/6 Priestess 22 cm

“GOBLIN SLAYER” is the smash hit dark-fantasy authored by Mr. Kumo Kagyu based on his WEB work and light novel. The total circulation of this work is beyond 10 million already, and its TV animation were broadcasted on Oct. of 2018. Furthermore, it is earmarked for the second season of TV animation will be broadcasted in 2023.

A boy who has a tough memory that his elder sister was raped in the past becomes an adventurer who persists in resisting only goblins named “GOBLIN SLAYER”. He is a rare guy as to ascend to be the silver rank (3rd rank). The story of this is he goes on an adventure with his buddies as Priestess.

We produce this figure of popular characters “Priestess” and “Sword Maiden” from “GOBLIN SLAYER”. You can enjoy the realistic impact as you are there from the 1/6 scaled reenacted desperate scene in the domiciliary cave of goblins and two cookies are surrounded by goblins.

The base part that is reenacted the view of inside cave is big enough with 25cm width and 19cm height. When you put two of them onto the base closely, you are able to share the tremendous impact with them.

The amorous contrast between their ghastly expression concerned by goblins and their glimpsed dewy skin through ripped clothes is the highest exciting point.

*Details of images and products might be different slightly.